Pimp my logo

Unfortunately your Browser is currently not supported. Please use a modern FireFox, Chrome or Opera on Desktop or recent Android

xz logo
  • scale the preview to fit height inside the screen - otherwise preview will be scaled to 100% width screen width:


choose a background fill style for the image , you can also drop an image file on the background

  • output type "jpeg" does not support transparency - therefore a canvas color is mandatory.
    for transparent background choose "png" or "svg" in the output settings.

    for transparent background set "canvas" to "none".
    ( the checked background is only to show the transparency and will not be exported )

Customize the logo with following settings or load one of the examples.
You also can reset the settings.
If it does not work on your mobile device, give it a try on a modern desktop browser

iOS: there may be no native color picker support in Safari
and the image download functionality had to be split in two parts - see the pop-up message on the first run.
On some iOS devices it does not seem o work stable.